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Programs, Workshops, and Services:
Did you know that in addition to his concerts and other public appearances, Tim also serves as a motivational and after dinner speaker for corporate groups, a professional auctioneer, an advertising agency, records custom answering machine messages, and speaks to school groups? Click here to learn about Tim Sample’s many hats.

About Tim
Born in Aroostook County, all the way to network news correspondent! Learn a little about the life and times of Tim Sample.

SIX books, TEN albums, and TEN videos! Some of ‘em million-sellers! (still got a million of ‘em in the cellar.)

Appearance History
From the Beal’s Island Ladies’ sewing circle to the national convention of the American Bar Association in Washington, D.C. Tim has had ‘em rolling from coast to coast (and back, thank goodness.)
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Quotes About Tim

Some awful nice folks have some awful nice stuff to say about Tim.


One of them is the wicked-famous Maine author Stephen King.
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