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I’ve recently developed a program on the subject of humor as a stress management tool in the workplace. The presentation is called “Pumping Irony -Stress Management through Humor.” It has received enthusiastic response from companies such as Unum Corporation, Central Maine Power Co., and Bath Iron Works. I’ve presented “Pumping Irony” for the Boston University School of Management as part of an international management workshop.

Although the core message of my presentation remains the same, each program is developed and tailored with the specific needs of your group in mind. If after reviewing the enclosed material, you find that you are interested in this presentation, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to discuss the specific issues your group would like to see addressed.
The presentation runs about an hour to one hour and fifteen minutes. I am able to structure a program to fit your time constraints. The presentation is divided into the following three parts of roughly equal length:

Part #1: Strictly humor, and very similar to what I do in my concert/TV/video performances. By getting the audience laughing early on, I tend to break down any resistance there may be to “attending a seminar” and open them up to focus on the rest of my talk.

Part #2: But seriously, folks. I discuss some of the theory behind what makes us laugh, the difference between constructive and destructive humor, and my contention that humor is a great lubricant for the “mechanism” of our lives. Stress acts upon our physical, mental, and emotional lives, as friction acts upon the moving parts of an engine. Without that lubrication, things warp, overheat, and break down. I contend that the active cultivation of one’s sense of humor is a positive and powerful step in overcoming the debilitating effects of stress in the workplace. Although this is the “serious part,” I make liberal use of humorous analogies to underscore my points.

Part #3: At the end of the program, I take time for a Q&A period. This is a very important aspect of the presentation as it gives me an opportunity to respond to specific questions from the group and explain how a healthy humor can be applied to “real-life” situations experienced in the workplace.

Thank you for taking the time to review this material. If you think this program would be appropriate for your company or if you have any questions, I’d be glad to talk with you further, at your convenience.

Tim Sample

Here’s what business leaders are saying about the Tim Samplestress management seminar. . .

“Tim Sample’s program on humor as a stress management tool should be part of every workplace team-building initiative.”

Duane E. Fitzgerald
President, Bath Iron Works Corporation

“I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your participation in the (Boston University Manufacturing Executives) Forum. . .the feedback was so positive I thought you might like to see some of the comments which include:” …Good perspective on humor in the workplace.” “Entertainment – 1st class.” “…He was great. I really got relaxed and comfortable when his presentation was done.” “Good learning about the use of humor.” Relevant, entertaining. A team that can’t or doesn’t laugh together probably won’t do well.” Tim, the type of feedback we received strongly highlighted the valuable contribution you made to the Forum.

Carol Hoopes
Director, Manufacturing Education Programs
Boston University School of Management



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