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Contact the Maine Humor Company @ 1-800-448-4669 for details on the following programs, workshops and services:

Pumping Irony: Stress Management through Humor:
Stress in the workplace takes a tremendous toll on productivity. In this lively, humorous and thought provoking one hour seminar, Tim makes a strong case for humor as a powerful antidote to the workplace blues. Satisfied customers include: The Boston University School of Management, Bath Iron Works / UNUM Corporation.
Storytelling and the Oral Tradition:
Tim's popular workshop for students focuses on the importance of storytelling in Maine life and culture. This program is interactive, stimulating, informative and exciting! Some assistance with funding may be available.
Celebrity Auctioneer:
Tim’s even tried his hand at auctioneering and it turns out he’s pretty darn good at it! He’s helped Ducks Unlimited, Habitat for Humanity and the Muscular Dystrophy Association in their fundraising efforts. Just an word of warning – a downeast accent at auctioneer speed makes a Mainer sound like a Harvard alum. Which Tim’s not.
Tim's radio and TV spots are widely recognized as the "gold standard" in Downeast humor advertising and Tim has a stack of prestigious awards to prove it. Awards include 6 Gold Brodersons, 2 First Place Hatch Awards, 2 First Place Best of Broadcasting in New England awards, and a First Place Graniteer Award. A partial list of past clients: Dunham Shoes, McDonald's Restaurants, Johnney's Selected Seeds, The Knowles Agency, Locust Farm Dairy.
Customized Business Answering Machine Messages:
What do your customers hear when you're not able to answer the phone? Whatever it is it pales in comparison to a hilarious and informative message written, performed and tailored specifically to your customers by Maine's favorite funnyman!
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