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Here for the first time is a complete inventory of every Tim Sample book, CD and DVD available. Complete your collection or replace the stuff your aunt Myrtle forgot to return! Check 'em out then place your order online.

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Bert and I
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Tim Sample 2006:
Maine humor in the 21st Century! Filmed at the Bangor Opera House in June of 2006 this full length DVD is packed with laughs! Find out what happens when a cell phone rings in the audience at a Tim Sample show. Lot’s of new stories and a special “behind the scenes” segment make this DVD a “must have” for every Maine humor fan!

Back In The Day:
A look back at the classic stage shows which earned Tim Sample his reputation as Maine’s favorite humorist over twenty years ago! Timeless classics like Saturday Night at Moody’s Diner, The Black Fly Festival and the outrageous Strict Carnivore routine are included in this full length DVD. Digitally re-mastered from archival film footage with an original musical sound track and a “special feature” interview with journalist Patsy Wiggins.


Box Set CDs:

The Tim Sample Collection – Volume One
The Bert and I Years  
Tim’s four titles for the Bert and I Company, recorded during the 1980s are now available for the first time on CD, and for the first time as one package! Get Tim’s four classic albums, How to Talk Yankee, Downeast Standup, Back in Spite of Popular Demand, and Snappy Answers. This is a must-have for any Tim Sample collector.

The Tim Sample Collection – Volume Two
Live On Stage – 1992 - 1999
This three CD boxed set contains three of Tim's most popular albums: Pumping Irony (1992), Born in Maine (1997) and Ain’t Life Grand (1999). There over two dozen classic Tim Sample routines including:
Big Tourist Theory; Unc Meets the Soap Star; Hubert gets a Dog; Geezer Power; Set 'er Agin 1999; The True Saga of The American Flag Car and Mrs. Tuttle's Backhouse. Songs in this collection include; The State 'O' Maine Song, The Jimmy Stewart Song, the Mud Season Song, Dreams and Remembrance. You'll find hours of laughter here for young and old alike at a very friendly price!


Individual CDs:

Tim Sample

1. Rose
2. Where Do You Get Your Material?
3. Before Reality TV
4. Eliot's Wake
5. Palmyra Town Meeting
6. Maine Trailer "Fung Schwee"
7. Blinky Goes To The Doctor
8. Blinky Goes To Boston
9. Tim Talk About Storytelling
10. Moose Flop Pie
13. Under B....17!!


How To Talk Yankee
This album recorded in 1982 is Tim’s first for the Bert and I label. Along with Bert and I co-founder Robert Bryan Tim created this classic (and hilarious) “talking dictionary” of Maine dialectic speech. Including “Auh”, “Chadge”, “Gawmy” “Scrid” and dozens more. If you’re “from away” you’ll never get the pronunciation right. But, you’ll have a “wicked goo-ud” time tryin’, “Mistah Man”!

Downeast Standup
Recorded live at The State Theatre of Maine in Lakewood back in 1983, this is the album which established Tim Sample as Maine’s premier native humorist! Contains classics like Saturday Night at Moody’s Diner, Hubert’s Video Game and Tim’s moving tribute to his friend and mentor “The Junk of Marshall Dodge”.

Back In Spite of Popular Demand
Tim performs live at The Portland Performing Arts Center in 1985. At this point in his career, Tim was gaining a national reputation. Portions of this show were broadcast nationally to an audience of several million on PBS! Contains; The Black Fly Festival, Unc’s Store, Teddy Roosevelt Visits Greenville and many more

Snappy Answers
Recorded in 1989 for crowd of over 800 fans at The Caribou Performing Arts Center this CD is one of the most explosively funny ever recorded! Lot’s of “Our Boy Hubert” material, including Hubert goes to the Dump, and Hubert goes Cross-County.

Ain't Life Grand Real Networks Logo[ Listen to a "Little Sample"]
Ain't Life Grand is Tim's 9th album of Maine humor. Recorded live onstage at the Brooklin, Maine Sesquicentennial in July of 1999.

Born in Maine Real Networks Logo[ Listen to a "Little Sample"]
This is our personal favorite! Recorded in several Maine locations, including Tim's home town of Brunswick, here are some all new stories, not previously recorded.

Pumping Irony:Real Networks Logo[ Listen to a "Little Sample"]
Live at The Lebanon (N.H.) Opera House and The University of Maine at Machias! Contains The Ski-Crowd vs. The Skiddah Crowd and the "State 'O' Maine” song.

The Summer of '81Real Networks Logo[ Listen to a "Little Sample"]
This album was recorded live in 1981. It contains the classic downeast storytelling of Marshall Dodge and Tim Sample. Take a stroll down memory lane with Tim and Marshall in this new release of those timeless performances."



The Summer With Jay
Tim’s mother, Leah is now in on the publishing act! She has just written a “chaptered juvenile” novel called “The Summer with Jay.” It was illustrated by Tim, and tells the story of a curious young boy and his adventures on the Coast of Maine one magical summer.

Saturday Night at Moody's Diner
The New revised expanded version of Tim's regional best-seller. With an introduction by struggling Maine writer Stephen King (struggling to drag the bags of money to the bank).

Maine Curiosities
Hot off the presses, the new-for-2006, updated second edition has a fresh format and even more fascinating stuff! Join Tim and fellow Maine-o-phile Steve Bither for a tour of our great state you won't find in any travel book. Whether you were born and raised in Maine or a recent transplant, you'll discover neighbors you never knew you had and places you never dreamed existed - right in your own backyard!


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